Talasemia adalah kecacatan genetik yang paling biasa didapati, dengan kira-kira 250 juta orang, 4.5 peratus daripada penduduk dunia adalah pengidap yang menghadapi ancaman maut. Pada 2010, Malaysia merekodkan 4,768 orang pesakit talasemia yang memerlukan pemindahan darah yang kerap. Manakala 5% daripada penduduknya adalah pembawa.



What is Thalassaemia Minor ?

What is Thalassemia Minor?

In Thalassemia minor, the hemoglobin genes are inherited during conception, one from the mother (egg) and one from the father (sperm). People with a Thalassemia trait in one gene are known as carriers or are said to have Thalassemia minor. The only way to know if you carry the Thalassemia trait is to have a special blood test called hemoglobin electrophoresis which can identify the gene. The carriers of Thalassemia minor become anemic or slightly anemic.

If you, your parents, or ancestors are from 'Thalassemia regions' (identified in What is Thal), request a test from your doctor. It is vitally important to identify yourself as a possible carrier of Thalassemia minor. Possessing the Thalassemia minor trait gives you a 25%, (1 in 4) chance of having a baby with Thalassemia major, providing that both parents of the child are both carriers of the disorder. Increased awareness is the key to prevention.



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